SAP Dashboards - Map Components

You can use the map component to create data models to display data by region. You can also use each region as a selector. This allows the user to create a data model that shows data for each region whenever the user’s cursor is over that region and allows the user to check more details for each region.

Map Region

The data is associated to a map using region keys and that usually is the name of that region. You can also edit region keys by clicking manual edit option or by clicking on the cell selector.

Region Keys

Under the General Properties you can set the title, region keys, display data and other general properties. Whereas, under the Behavior properties, you can select insert on, region, dynamic visibility, etc.

Behavior Properties Of Map

Under the Appearance properties, you can select transparency, mouse over labels, values, default color, selected color and other text and color properties.

Appearance Properties Of Map