Setting Component Properties

You can select the multiple components and edit the properties. To go to the Properties page, select multiple components and right click → Go to Properties option as shown in the following screenshot.

Multiple Component

Setting Colors for Component Elements

You can select colors for every element of every component in a model in the Dashboard. To set colors, go to Appearance View in the Properties pane.

There are a number of color combinations and you can also define your own color combination.

Color Combination

To add your own color combinations, you can click on more color options and select RGB or HSL. You can also set color at run time based on the user input or to a cell in a spreadsheet. Go to Properties → Appearance.

Go to Color tab and click on Color selector → Bind to a Color as shown in the following screen shot.

Bind Color

Color selection cell changes to bound color icon as shown in the following screenshot.

Color Selection Cell Change

In a similar way, you can format text elements in a model in the Dashboard.

Format Text Element