SAP Dashboards - Binding Components

To create a data model in the Dashboard designer, you need to bind the components to data sources. If you want to display numerical data in charts, maps and tables you need to perform binding

You can also bind component parameters to set parameters like titles, colors, visibility to data sources. Components can bind to cells in spreadsheets or to query in query browser.

Component Binding can be performed in the following two ways −

Embedded Spreadsheets

You can link the component data sets and parameters to source data in embedded spreadsheets. You have to specify each cell in spreadsheet that contains data for parameters or data set. Data can be added to cells manually or by connecting to external sources.

You can also use few components to write data to spread sheets by using the same procedure.

Embedded Spreadsheet Sheet Value Preview Pie Chart

BEX Query or Universe Query

You can also use BEX query or Universe query as data source for different components in the model. You can select result objects from query to bind to the components. In many scenarios, it is not possible to bind query objects to component parameters.

BEX Query

You can also use a few components to write the data to query objects.

Write Data Query

Select from Query

Pie Chart Values

To clear the binding from a chart, you can select Clear Binding from the list as shown in the following screenshot.

Clear Binding

Note − You can select a maximum range of 512 rows in a range. Larger the value, slower the performance of the data model. To change this value, go to File → Preferences → Excel Options.