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PHP - Function spliti()


array spliti (string pattern, string string [, int limit])

Definition and Usage

The spliti() function operates exactly in the same manner as its sibling split(), except that it is not case sensitive. Case-sensitive characters are an issue only when the pattern is alphabetical. For all other characters, spliti() operates exactly as split() does.

Return Value

  • Returns an array of strings after splitting up a string.


Following is the piece of code, copy and paste this code into a file and verify the result.

   $ip = "123.456.789.000"; // some IP address
   $iparr = spliti ("\.", $ip, 3); 
   print "$iparr[0] <br />";
   print "$iparr[1] <br />" ;
   print "$iparr[2] <br />"  ;
   print "$iparr[3] <br />"  ;


This will produce only three strings as we have limited number of strings to be produced.