Python Pillow Tutorial

Python Pillow Tutorial

This tutorial is about “Pillow” package, one of the important libraries of python for image manipulation. Pillow is a free and open source library for the Python programming language that allows you to easily create & manipulate digital images.

In this tutorial, you will see the hands-on approach to learn different functionalities of pillow, much more than, read & save an image, creating thumbnail & merge to images, blur, crop, flip & rotate images, resizing & adding watermark, adding filters & working with colors to an image and use of pillow & numpy in machine learning.


This tutorial is basically designed to work as a guide for developers who wants to learn python capabilities, automate image editing. It is also for the beginners who wish to know the image processing capabilities of python using pillow package and for the web developers who wants to update and use images with logos & watermark on their websites.


It would be helpful if you have prior knowledge on any of the below mentioned technologies such as access to computer & python is installed in it (else we need to install it), basic understanding of python data types and functions and ability to install Python dependencies, i.e. “pip install ‘package_name’”.