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About Privacy Policy

The following statements describes the privacy practices for tutorialspoint:

  • We do collect few personal information from our users when they register to share their tutorials or articles in Shared Tutorial Directory.

  • Security settings protect the misuse of sensitive information

  • Tutorialspoint uses cookies on any Shared Tutorials Directory Pages

Personal User Information

Following is the information we are collecting from you if you are using Shared Tutorial Directory to submit your articles, tutorials or white pappers:

  • Email ID: We don't share your email ID with external party. This is used to send your response while approving your submitted tutorial or article. In some circumstances, there may be other communication required between you and

  • Name: This is displayed along with your submitted Tutorials or Articles.

  • Location: This is just for our reference.

  • Your IP Address: This is again for our reference.

Users are free to visit tutorialspoint, and navigate all its pages, without any user registration unless they don't want to submit their tutorials in Shared Tutorials Directory.

We have listed out all the information we collect from you. If you are not comfortable to provide such information then please don't create your registration with us.

For any questions about this privacy statement, please contact at