Developers Best Practices Tutorial

Developers Best Practices Tutorial

This small tutorial is based on my past 16+ years of experience in software development industry. I have gone through different stages in my career starting from trainee software developer till senior management.

I do not want to keep my learnings to myself, so I had written a small tutorial few years ago, and after getting lot of motivation from my dear readers, I thought of revising it and adding few more learnings which may benefit many other software engineers and developers working in this lovely industry.

I'm not going to dictate any of the points, but all the practices listed here contributed a lot in my software development career, so if you think they make some sense for you then try to adopt few. If you have any +/- comments, kindly feel free to write me back : Contact Us


If you are working for software industry as a software engineer or a software developer, then I'm sure you are going to enjoy this tutorial. Try to relate the facts mentioned in the tutorial with your day-2-day life and find so many hidden facts, which are very obvious but we never gave our serious attention to them.


Before writing all the practices mentioned in this small tutorial, I have made an assumption that you are working as a software professional and you understand basic software terminologies and atmosphere around a software professional.