Agency Pass-Throughs

Pratik Kumbhare
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 17:53:18


Introduction We will look into the realm of pass-through securities in this tutorial. These financial instruments, such as mortgage- and asset-backed securities, give investors access to the cash flows from a collection of underlying assets. We have talked about aspects of them including pro-rata distribution, asset pooling, and cash flow pass-through. We will also emphasize the dangers, such as prepayment, interest rate, credit, and liquidity dangers. Investors considering including pass-through securities in their investment strategy must fully comprehend these factors. Let us explore the world of pass-through securities, including characteristics, risks, and benefits for investors. Defining Pass Through Securities A ... Read More

Count of all substrings with sum of weights at most K

Sonal Meenu Singh
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 17:36:18


Introduction In this tutorial, we discuss the problem of counting the substrings from a given string with the sum of weights at most K. To implement the problem statement we consider a string S to generate substrings and some value for k. The character weights are predefined integer values and we consider some value of K like 2, 3 or anything. We count only those substrings whose total weight is equal to the value of K. The weights of the characters are defined in two different ways − When the weights are defined for a string in any order. ... Read More

Check whether the string can be printed using same row of qwerty keypad

Sonal Meenu Singh
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 17:33:46


Introduction In this tutorial, we will check if an input string can be formed using characters in the same row of the Qwerty keypad. The task is to check whether a given string exists in a single row of the Qwerty keypad. To determine whether a string can be printed with the same row of the Qwerty keypad, all characters should be found in the same row. We implement an approach using set and unordered_set to solve this task. The characters of different rows are stored in different sets or unordered_sets. Compare the string characters to each stored row value. ... Read More

Check if a substring can be Palindromic by replacing K characters for Q queries

Sonal Meenu Singh
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 17:08:38


Introduction In this tutorial, we implement an approach to check substring is palindrome by replacing its K characters for Q queries. Palindromes are words that read the same in both directions. When you read a palindromic word from a forward or backward direction, it sounds the same. For example, madam, refer. Here, Q queries are a numeric array containing the starting index, ending index, and value of K. The starting and ending index values for the input string are used to select only those characters that lie between these starting and ending index values (both values are inclusive). For the ... Read More

Advance-Decline Ratio

Pratik Kumbhare
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 17:07:17


Introduction This tutorial examines the definition of the advance-decline ratio, which calculates the ratio of rising to falling equities over a given period of time. We go over its computation, variations, benefits and drawbacks, and interpretation. We have also given examples and stress the value of using the ratio in conjunction with other indicators to help make educated decisions. Meaning of Advance-Decline Ratio The advance-decline ratio is a financial statistic used to assess the overall health of a stock market or particular market index and gauge the depth of market participation. It is determined by dividing the total number of ... Read More

How to place two divs next to each other in HTML?

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 16:20:55

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DIV tag is nothing but a division tag, the name itself indicates that it makes divisions for the content on the web pages. It helps in separating the data like text, images, navigation bar etc., we can also create particular sections by using the DIV tag. A DIV tag consists of open and close tags , and both these tags are compulsory if we want to divide the page. DIV tags can be styled with CSS or manipulated with JavaScript, it is easily styled by using the class or id attribute. Any sort of data can be placed inside ... Read More

Active Portfolio Strategy

Pratik Kumbhare
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 15:38:14


Introduction This tutorial delves into active portfolio strategy, a proactive investment approach aimed at outperforming benchmarks. We examine its workings, including research, security selection, active trading, risk management, and performance monitoring. We emphasize the importance of an active portfolio strategy in generating superior returns and aligning investments with individual goals. Key features covered are active security selection, market timing, flexibility, research-driven decisions, risk management, and the potential for outperformance. What is an Active Portfolio Strategy? An investment method known as an active portfolio strategy is one in which portfolio managers actively choose to outperform a given benchmark or market index. ... Read More

Ways to find all permutation of a string in Python

Vishal Gupta
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 15:00:45


In Python, permutation is a process representing a possible order. It plays with the items in a list by periodically changing the possible positions of the commands. In Python, we can use different methods to create and print the configuration. Here we have several ways to find the permutation of a string. Method 1: Using itertools method Example import itertools def Permutation(string): permut = itertools.permutations(string) result = [''.join(p) for p in permut] return result string = "Tutor" print("Original String: ", string) permutations = ... Read More

Show Pearson Correlation Test Between Two Variables using Python

Vishal Gupta
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 14:54:46


The Pearson Correlation Test is a simple statistical method in Python that measures the relationship between two parameter variables. It is useful to measure the relationship between two variables graphically, so you can know how strong the relationship is between the variables and whether they are related or not. To find Pearson Correlation we can use pearsonr() function. Its value falls between -1 and 1, with -1 being a perfect negative correlation, 0 representing no relationship, and 1 representing a perfect positive correlation. Syntax This syntax is used in all the following examples. pearsonr(variable1, variable2) Algorithm Step ... Read More

Show Pearson type-3 Distribution in Statistics using Python

Vishal Gupta
Updated on 29-Sep-2023 14:44:22


The Pearson Type-3 Distribution is a continuous probability distribution that is widely used in statistics. It has a skewed distribution. Three parameters determined the shape of distribution: location, scale, and shape. Discovering this type of distribution would enable statisticians to analyse their data more effectively and make more precise predictions. We can use pearson3.rvs function to generate random numbers from the distribution, and calculate the pdf (probability density function) at a given point with the help of pearson3.pdf function. Parameters of Pearson type-3 distribution Shape parameter − This parameter determines the spread through the probability density of the distribution. ... Read More

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