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PHP - Function preg_replace()


mixed preg_replace (mixed pattern, mixed replacement, mixed string [, int limit [, int &$count]] );

Definition and Usage

The preg_replace() function operates just like POSIX function ereg_replace(), except that regular expressions can be used in the pattern and replacement input parameters.

The optional input parameter limit specifies how many matches should take place.

If the optional parameter $count is passed then this variable will be filled with the number of replacements done.

Return Value

  • After the replacement has occurred, the modified string will be returned.

  • If no matches are found, the string will remain unchanged.


Following is the piece of code, copy and paste this code into a file and verify the result.

   $copy_date = "Copyright 1999";
   $copy_date = preg_replace("([0-9]+)", "2000", $copy_date);
   print $copy_date;

This will produce the following result −

Copyright 2000