PHP - Function date_sunrise()



mixed date_sunrise ( int $timestamp [, int $format [, float $latitude [, float $longitude [, float $zenith [, float $gmt_offset]]]]] )

Definition and Usage

This function returns the sunrise time for a given day (specified as a timestamp) and location.


Parameter Description
timestamp Required. The timestamp of the day from which the sunrise time is taken.

Optional. Specifies how to return the result −

  • SUNFUNCS_RET_STRING (returns the result as string. e.g. 16:46)
  • SUNFUNCS_RET_DOUBLE (returns the result as float. e.g. 16.78243132)
  • SUNFUNCS_RET_TIMESTAMP (returns the result as integer (timestamp). e.g. 1095034606)
latitude Optional. Specifies the latitude of the location. The latitude defaults to North. If you want to specify a South value, you must pass a negative value.
longitude Optional. Specifies the longitude of the location. The longitude defaults to East. If you want to specify a West value, you must pass a negative value.
zenith Optional.
gmt_offset Optional. Specifies the difference between GMT and local time in hours.

Return Value

Returns the sunrise time in a specified format on success, or FALSE on failure.


Following is the usage of this function −

   /* calculate the sunrise time for Lisbon, Portugal
      Latitude: 38.4 North
      Longitude: 9 West
      Zenith ~= 90
      offset: +1 GMT
   echo("Date: " . date("D M d Y") . "<br />");
   echo("Sunrise time: ");

This will produce the following result −

Date: Tue Jan 24 2006
Sunrise time: 08:52