JIRA - Workload Pie Chart

A workload pie chart displays a pie chart showing all the issues for a specific project. Let us understand how to use it in JIRA.

Generate a Report

To generate a report, the user should follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to Project → choose the Specific project. Click on the Report icon on the left side of the menu. Go to ‘Others’ section and click on Workload Pie Chart Report as shown in the following screenshot.

Workload Pie Chart Report

Step 2 − Select Project or issue filter for which to generate the report. In the Statistic Type, select the field name on which the pie chart will be formed. Select the Time Field to report on as Current Estimate, Original Estimate or Time Spent.

The following screenshot shows how to generate a report by providing details.

Generate Report

Step 3 − Click on Next to generate the report. The following screenshot shows how the generated report looks like.