JIRA - Installation

In this chapter, we will learn how to install JIRA on your system.

Important Points to Note

  • JIRA is a web application that provides a private website to an individual or a set of requested users belonging to the same company/project.

  • JIRA can be run as a Windows Service at the server side.

  • JIRA is a pure Java based application and supports all OS platforms like Windows, Linux of different versions or MAC, etc., those satisfy JDK/JRE requirements.

  • JIRA supports all famous browsers like Chrome, IE, Mozilla and Safari.

  • It supports Mobile browsers as well in mobile views.

System Requirements

Since JIRA is a web-application, it follows the concept of client/server. It means that JIRA can be installed centrally on a server and users can interact with it through web-browsers using a website from any computer.

  • Browser − JavaScript should be enabled, the user is recommended not to use any script-blocking tool like NoScript to access full functionality of JIRA.

  • JDK/JRE − It is recommended to update JRE/JDK with the latest version. JIRA 6.4 recommends using JRE/JDK version 8.

Since our scope is to consume the JIRA application as end users, we can ignore the server side requirements.

Installation at the Server Side

The following screenshot shows how to download the .exe file for a specific OS.

Download Jira Software

Run the .exe file to run the installation wizard. The following screenshot shows the downloaded .exe file.

Jira Software for free

After clicking the .exe file, the Run confirmation pop-up displays, click on RUN. The following screenshot shows the RUN confirmation pop-up.


The following JIRA installation wizard displays, click on Next.

JIRA installation Steps Next

Choose the appropriate installation option as shown in following screenshot and then click on Next.

Express Install

The installation summary is displayed with the Destination Directory, Home Directory, TCP Ports, etc., as shown in the following screenshot.

Express Install

Click on Install. JIRA will start installing as displayed in following screenshot. It takes a couple of minutes to finish the installation.

Extracting Files

After installation, JIRA will be started automatically if the check box to “Start JIRA Software 7.3.4 now” is checked. Then click on Next, if not, it can be accessed using the appropriate Windows Start Menu shortcut.

Installation Completes

Click the Finish button.

Finish button

The installer will create the following shortcuts on the start menu −

  • Access JIRA
  • Start JIRA Server
  • Stop JIRA server
  • Uninstall JIRA

The following screenshot shows the above-mentioned shortcuts −

Access JIRA

Select the license type and enter organization name as shown in following screenshot −

License Type and Organization

Click on Generate License

Generate License

A confirmation pop-up will display as shown in the following screenshot. Click on Yes.


Set up the administration account as displayed in the following screenshot.

Administration Account Setup

JIRA will automatically finish the setting-up as shown below −

Finishing Setup

Once JIRA finishes the setup and starts running in the server, the user can access it from a browser on any computer with network access to the JIRA server.

JIRA is ready