JIRA - Overview

JIRA is an Incident Management Tool used for Project Management, Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking and Workflow. JIRA is based on the following three concepts – Project, Issue and Workflow.

Important Points to Note

The following points explain some interesting details of JIRA.

  • JIRA is an incident management tool.

  • JIRA is developed by Atlassian Inc., an Australian Company.

  • JIRA is a platform independent tool; it can be used with any OS.

  • JIRA is multi-lingual tool − English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

  • JIRA supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL server in the backend.

  • JIRA can be integrated with many other tools − Subversion, GIT, Clearcase, Team Foundation Software, Mercury, Concurrent Version System and many more.

License and Free Trial

The following points describes the legalities of the JIRA Tool.

  • JIRA is a commercial tool and available as a Trial version for a limited time.

  • To utilize JIRA services, a license is required.

  • JIRA provides free license for academic projects.

  • A 15-day trial version is available for an individual person to use.

Use of JIRA

Following are some of the most significant uses of JIRA.

  • JIRA is used in Bugs, Issues and Change Request Tracking.

  • JIRA can be used in Help desk, Support and Customer Services to create tickets and track the resolution and status of the created tickets.

  • JIRA is useful in Project Management, Task Tracking and Requirement Management.

  • JIRA is very useful in Workflow and Process management.

JIRA - Core Features

The following table explains some of the most important and commonly used features in detail for better understanding.

Sr.No Core Features & Description


JIRA supports Scrum and Kanban boards.

These boards provide an immediate snapshot of the project to the team.

Helps to quickly review the progress of the project and see the status of the individual tasks.

Board workflow can be customized to fulfil the way a team wants to proceed.


Business Project Template

JIRA supports n number of business templates to manage simple tasks and complex tasks like workflow.

Template can be customized based on the team and their approach. Ex: Workflow can be customized based on each team's approach.

Every step is accounted and team can move to achieve their goals.


Task Details

Tasks can be defined at the individual level to track the progress.

Status of every task, comment, attachment and due dates are stored in one place.



An email can be sent for a particular task to the users.

Voting and watching features to keep an eye on the progress for the stakeholders.

Use @mention to get the attention of a specific team member at Comments/Description.

User will instantly notify if something is assigned or if any feedback is required.


Power Search

JIRA supports a powerful search functionality with Basic, Quick and Advanced features.

Use the search tool to find answers like due date, when a task was last updated, what items a team member still needs to finish.

Project information at one place, search within a project.



JIRA supports more than a dozen reports to track progress over a specific timeframe, deadlines, individual’s contribution, etc.

Easy to understand and generate different reports those help to analyze how the team is going on.

Easy to configure these reports and display the matrices to the stakeholders.


Scale with Team Growth

JIRA supports any business team and any project irrespective of size and complexity.


Add -Ins

JIRA supports more than 100 add-ins to connect with different software to make work easy.

Wide range of add-ins makes it as universal across the globe.



JIRA supports more than 10 languages those are widely used as English (US, UK, India), French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Russian.


Mobile App

JIRA is available as a Mobile Application as well.

It is available on Google Play Store and App Store (iTunes) of Apple.

Easy to stay connected with the team while moving anywhere with notification, comments and project activity.