JIRA - Login

To login to JIRA, go to your sample website. It will open a login page. Fill in your registered email address/username and Password. Click on the Login button. The following screenshot shows how to login into JIRA using your credentials.

Login Credentials

Common Login Errors

In case of any unsuccessful login, an error message displays. The following screenshot shows the error message a user receives, if the credentials are not matching or incorrect.

Sample Jira application

To rectify this scenario, click on “Unable to access your account”, then select the appropriate option and fill in the details. Click on email. The following screenshot shows how to recover the username, in case the user has forgotten it.

Forgot Username Password

The user will get an email with the details of his username or a link to reset the password.

Successful Login

On a successful login, the system dashboard will display if the account is associated with any project by the admin, or if a user can create a sample project as explained in the earlier chapters.

The following screenshot displays the welcome page/dashboard of JIRA on a successful login.

Successful Login