tifficc - Unix, Linux Command

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tifficc - little cms ICC profile applier for TIFF.


tifficc [options] input.tif output.tif


lcms is a standalone CMM engine, which deals with the color management. It implements a fast transformation between ICC profiles. tifficc is little cms ICC profile applier for TIFF.


-a Handle channels > 4 as alpha.
-b Black point compensation.
-c <0,1,2,3>
  Precalculates transform. (0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Hi-res, 3=LoRes) [defaults to 1]
-e Embed destination profile.
-g Marks out-of-gamut colors on softproof.
-h <0,1,2>
  Show summary of options and examples.
-i profile Input profile (defaults to sRGB).
-k <0..400>
  Ink-limiting in % (CMYK only).
-l profile Transform by device-link profile.
-m <0,1,2,3>
  SoftProof intent.
-n Ignore embedded profile on input.
-p profile
  Soft proof profile.
-o profile
  Output profile (defaults to sRGB).
-s profile
  Save embedded profile as <new profile>
-t <0,1,2,3>
  Intent (0=Perceptual, 1=Colorimetric, 2=Saturation, 3=Absolute).
-v Verbose.
-w Wide output (generates 16 bps tiff).
You can also use following builtins
  *Lab - CIE Lab D50 based *XYZ - XYZ *adobe1998RBB - AdobeRGB *colormatchrgb - ColorMatch RGB *applergb - Apple RGB


To color correct from scanner to sRGB:
        tifficc -iscanner.icm in.tif out.tif

To convert from monitor1 to monitor2:         tifficc -imon1.icm -omon2.icm in.tif out.tif          To make a CMYK separation:         tifficc -oprinter.icm inrgb.tif outcmyk.tif          To recover sRGB from a CMYK separation:         tifficc -iprinter.icm incmyk.tif outrgb.tif

To convert from CIELab TIFF to sRGB         tifficc -iTiffLab8Spac.icm in.tif out.tif


For suggestions, comments, bug reports etc. send mail to info@littlecms.com.


This manual page was originally written by Shiju p. Nair <shiju.p@gmail.com>, for the Debian project. Modified by Marti Maria to reflect further changes.
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