grmic - Unix, Linux Command


grmic - Generate stubs for Remote Method Invocation


grmic [OPTION] ... class ...


grmic is a utility included with libgcj which generates stubs for remote objects.

Note that this program isn’t yet fully compatible with the JDK grmic. Some options, such as -classpath, are recognized but currently ignored. We have left these options undocumented for now.

Long options can also be given with a GNU-style leading --. For instance, --help is accepted.


-keepgenerated By default, grmic deletes intermediate files. Either of these options causes it not to delete such files.
-v1.1 Cause grmic to create stubs and skeletons for the 1.1 protocol version.
-vcompat Cause grmic to create stubs and skeletons compatible with both the 1.1 and 1.2 protocol versions. This is the default.
-v1.2 Cause grmic to create stubs and skeletons for the 1.2 protocol version.
-nocompile Don’t compile the generated files.
-verbose Print information about what grmic is doing.
-d directory Put output files in directory. By default the files are put in the current working directory.
-help Print a help message, then exit.
-version Print version information, then exit.


grmic generates stub and skeleton class files for remote objects from the compiled Java classes. The classes named in the grmic command must be fully package qualified.

1. Default execution

$ grmic Hello.HelloWorld
Above command creates HelloWorld_Skel.class and HelloWorld_Stub.class files

2. Do not delete the .java source files

$ grmic -keepgenerated Hello.HelloWorld

3. Do not compile the generated source files

$ grmic -nocompile Hello.HelloWorld
Above command will generate only .java files and not .class files