TestLink - Test Execution

Test execution is the process of executing the code and comparing the expected and actual results.

Test Status

By default, a test case remains in No Run status. Once a status is assigned to a test case, it cannot revert to the no Run status.

A test case can be assigned a result as Passed, Failed or Blocked. TestLink supports to assign a result to individual test steps as well. You can assign Passed, Failed or Blocked status at each individual step of a test case.

  • Passed − When a test case or step matches the expected result, it is marked as Passed.

  • Failed − When a test case or step deviates from the expected result, it is marked as Failed.

  • Blocked − When a test case or step cannot be executed due to an outstanding issue, it is marked as Blocked.

Insert Test Result

Once a test case or test step is executed, the result should be assigned to those.

Following steps should be performed while insering a test result −

Step 1 − Go to Test Execution → Execution Tests or Test Cases Assigned to Me as shown below.

Step7 Insert Test Result

Step 2 − Select the test case from the left panel. It displays all the details and steps of the test cases.

Step 3 − In the test step, there are Execution Notes and Result column. After execution, you can enter comments as Execution Notes.

Step 4 − Select Results as Passed, Failed or Blocked.

Step4 Insert Test Result

You can also attach an image or screenshot file as an artefact in support of result selection.

Step 5 − In the Notes/Description section present below, enter overall comment for the test case execution.

Step 6 − On the right side of Notes/Description, Execution duration (min) is present. Enter the number of minutes spent while executing this test case.

Step 7 − Below the Execution Duration text box, three icons are present to select the overall result status for the test case. Icons are Passed, Failed and Blocked from left to right.

Step7 Insert Test Result

After selection, the overall result gets updated with all execution iterations.

Step 8 − Click the Print icon to view detailed execution result. The symbol is present in Run Mode column at the extreme right as shown below.

Step8 Insert Test Result

It opens a new window with details of execution and comment step-wise as shown below.

Step8-1 Insert Test Result

Delete Execution

You can delete the execution result by clicking the delete red symbol as X, present in Run Mode column.

It opens a confirmation pop-up to delete. Click the OK button.

Delete Execution