TestLink - Build Management

To achieve the objective of a Release, there could be multiple builds. Build is always associated with only one Release. A build fulfills the partial objective of Release with limited functionalities.

In TestLink, test execution is made up of both builds and test cases. If the build is not created for a project, you won’t be able to perform test execution.

Create a Build

To create a Build, you should have Create Builds permission.

Following are the steps to create a Build −

Step 1 − Go to Test Plan → Build/Releases from the dashboard.

Step1 Create a Build

It opens the Build Management page along with the available builds.

Step 2 − Click the Create button as shown below.

Step2 Create a Build

It opens the Create a new build form.

Step 3 − Enter the following fields in the form −

Step3 Create a Build
  • Title − A build is identified by its title. Each build is related to the active Test Plan.

  • Description − Description should include a list of delivered packages, fixes or features, approvals, status, etc.

  • Active − A build has two attributes - Active / Inactive – defines whether the build can be used. Inactive builds are not listed on the execution and reports pages. Open / Closed – Test results can be modified only for open builds. Ensure that the Build date must is within the Release Timeline.

  • Release Timeline − It should be a future date.

Step 4 − After entering all the details, click the Create button to add the build.

Edit a Build

To edit a build, you should have Edit Builds permission. Following are the steps to edit a build −

Step 1 − Select a Build to edit and click the build title to open the details as shown below.

Step1 Edit a Build

It opens the build details in the edit mode as shown in the following screenshot.

Step 2 − After updating the build details, click the Save button.

Step2 Edit a Build

Delete a Build

To delete a Build, you should have Delete Builds permission.

Following are the steps to delete a build −

Step 1 − Go to the Test Plan Management − Builds/Releases from the dashboard.

Step 2 − Click the Delete icon corresponding to the row of the build that needs to be deleted as shown below.

Step2 Delete a Build

A pop-up will be displayed for confirmation to delete.

Step 3 − Click Yes as shown in the following screenshot.

Step3 Delete a Build

The page will be refreshed and the build will be deleted.