TestLink - Dashboard

After logging into TestLink, Dashboard is the first page that is displayed as soon as you are assigned to a project. Dashboard is customized by Admin. Based on the roles, admin can set the access of TestLink.

Following screenshot shows the overview of the Dashboard page of TestLink.

Dashboard Page of TestLink

Following are some points to note with regards to the dashboard.

  • The tool bar icons present at the top left corner of TestLink page will be the same across all pages/screen of TestLink. My Settings, Project, Requirement Specification, Test Specification, User Management and Event as the main links. These links are used to navigate to the respective functionality.

  • The navigation bar contains the links that provide a quick access to the most useful functions of TestLink.

  • On the left side of the page - System, Test Project, Requirement Specification and Test Specification categories are present. These categories present different links for quick access to all the features of TestLink.

  • On the right side, Test Plan category has Test Plan Management link to add or manage a test plan.

  • On the top left side of the screen, a Search functionality is available while on the right side, there is a Test Project dropdown.

My Settings Page

My Settings icon is present at the top left corner of the screen as the first icon. Following screenshot shows the My Settings icon encircled in red.

Settings Icon

Once you click the icon, it opens the settings page where various information is available to update.

Settings Page

First, there is Personal Data where you can update your first name, last name, email id or Locale.

Then, there is the Personal Password section, where you can change the login password.

The third section shows API interface, where you can generate a personal API key.

In the last section, you can view the login history.


The logout icon is present at the top left side of the screen, beside the My Settings icon. After clicking the Logout icon, you can go back to the login page and the active session ends. To utilize all TestLink features, you have to login again.

In the following screenshot the logout icon is encircled in red.