TestLink - Reports

In the Reports module, you can create, view, and export reports supported by TestLink. TestLink supports a wide range of reports at all phases of STLC to better track the progress such as test execution, requirements coverage, and test case creation details. These reports fetch the most important information to prepare any of the metrics.

When you navigate to Test Reports and Metrics from the dashboard, it displays the list of available reports for different activities on the left panel. On the right panel, it displays the details of the selected report as shown below.


Test Result Matrix

This report displays all of the currently blocked, failed, passed or not run Test Cases. It shows the last test case execution result for each build. In addition, the last column shows the last test case execution result for the last created build.

“Last Test Result” logic (which is described above under General Test Plan Metrics) is used to determine if a Test Case should be considered blocked, failed, passed or no run.

Blocked and failed Test Case reports will display the associated bugs if the user is an associate of integrated bug tracking system with TestLink.

To access the Test Result Matrix, click the Test Result Matrix on the left pane. it displays the report on the right side as shown in the following screenshot.

Test Result Matrix

Requirement Reports

This report is available in Test Report and Metrics, if the requirements are linked with test cases of the current Test Project.

The Report is generated against one Requirement Specification document selected from Build and Status dropdown.

There are two sections − metrics and results overview. Following metrics are available −

  • Total number of requirements
  • Requirements within TestLink
  • Requirements covered by Test Cases
  • Requirements not covered by Test Cases
  • Requirements not covered or not tested
  • Requirements not tested

Requirements are divided into four sections. Each requirement is listed together with all related Test Cases (colored according to Test Case result) −

  • Passed Requirements
  • Failed Requirements
  • Blocked Requirements
  • Not-executed Requirements

Following screenshot displays Requirement Report −

Requirement Reports