TestLink - Add a Project

To add a project, you should have Admin role. Once you log in for the first time as an Admin, TestLink opens the Create a new project form. You cannot see any other page until the project is created or assigned to you.

Create a Project

Following are the steps involved to add a project into TestLink −

Usually to create a project, an option is available at the Test Project Management menu as shown in the following screenshot.

Step 1 − Enter the following details into Create a Project form −

Name − It should be a unique project name.

Prefix − It is used for test case ID to identify the test cases.

Project description − Details about the project.

Enhanced features − You can check the checkboxes based on the requirement of the project. It allows to select which features you want such as Requirement, Automation, etc.

Issue tracker − If any issue tracker is linked with TestLink, it will be displayed here.

Create a Project

Step 2 − Select the Availability option and then click the Create button as shown in below.

Step2 Create a Project

Clicking the Create button adds the project along with Delete and Active/Inactive switch for Requirement and Active features as shown in the following screenshot.

Step2-1 Create a Project

Step 3 − You can view the project by selecting a project name from the “Test Project” dropdown at the top right corner of the screen as seen below.

Step3 Create a Project