MicroStrategy - Shortcut & Embedded Filters

In MicroStrategy, we can create shortcuts to filters. For this, we have to use the results of an existing report as a filter for another report. The first report itself becomes a filter inside a new report. This type of filter is called a shortcut-to-a-report filter.

This is a part of MicroStrategy server edition and we will take some examples from builtin data sets in MicroStrategy server. Following are the steps to create a shortcut-to-afilter.

Step 1

Open the filter editor. Choose the filter definition area and double-click it. It will open the dialog box showing the option “Add a shortcut to a filter”.

Shorcut Filter 1

Step 2

On the next screen, a filter dialog box pops up. Enter the name of the filter, which we want to use or click browse and select the filter to use.

Shorcut Filter 2

Step 3

Finally, the following screenshot opens which has the filter name and filter definition which is now a shortcut-to-a-filter.

Shorcut Filter 3