MicroStrategy - Grid Visualizations

Grid Visualization is the simplest form of visualization in MicroStrategy, yet a very powerful analysis method. Here, data is presented as a grid with rows and columns as well as headers of the columns. It provides features such as sorting and drilling the data.

Creating a Grid Visualization

After loading the required data set into the MicroStrategy Environment, we pull the required fields to the editor panel. This automatically creates the Grid visualization. In the following example as shown, we pull the relevant fields from the data set and create a grid.

Grid Visualization

Operations in Grid Visualization

Following operations can be carried out in a grid visualization.

  • Sorting data on multiple columns
  • Swapping column and rows
  • Drill on an attribute

Sorting Data on Multiple Columns

Grid visualization provides a facility to sort on multiple columns simultaneously. Right-click on a column name and choose the option advanced sort. This brings us to a screen where we can select all the columns and their order to do the sorting.

Grid Sorting

Swapping Column and Rows

We can swap the columns and rows in the grid visualization to make a pivot report. Just drag and drop the columns into rows as shown in the following screenshot.

Grid Swapping Cols

Drill on an Attribute

We can drill on an attribute on the grid visualization to get down to the values of the next attribute in the hierarchy. Right-click the column name and choose the drill option as shown in the following screenshot.

Grid Drill