MicroStrategy - Pivoting

Pivoting of data in tables is done when we want to swap the position of columns and rows. It is also called rotating data. The change in such structure produces different kinds of summaries of data.


The sales value for the table All_sales is summarized for each Business Line. In the following screenshots, each row represents a Business Line and Sales value for each product line in different columns.

However, if we want to see the result as Product Line in each row and Business Line in each column, then we have to apply pivoting. Following are the steps to apply the pivot.

Step 1

Create the Table with the required dimensions and measures as shown in the following screenshot. Here, sales is summarized and shown for each business line in each row.

Pivot 1

Step 2

Using the visualization editor, swap the dimensions in the rows and columns. Use the swap button as shown in the following screenshot.

Pivot 2


As we can see the summary of sales is now displayed for product line in each row.

Pivot 3