MicroStrategy - Data Marts

Data mart is a smaller form of data warehouse, which serves some specific needs on data analysis. It is usually derived as a small part from the bigger data warehouse. The main purpose of creating data marts is to achieve some analysis, which is difficult to achieve through the regular warehouse because of the different level of granularity of data in the warehouse or applying some complex calculations.

In MicroStrategy, a data mart is created using the following steps.

Step 1

Open a report in the edit mode. Choose Datamart → Configure Datamart. And the following window appears.

Data Mart Setup 1

Step 2

Choose the appropriate location from the database instance dropdown menu.

Step 3

Choose the option to create a new table, if the table is to be re-created every time the report is run. Or you may choose to add to an existing table so that the data gets added to the result from the previous run.

On successful completion of the above three steps, the data mart gets added to the report.