MicroStrategy - Schema Objects

Schema Objects are the MicroStrategy Objects which are logical representation of the structures of a data warehouse. These are the objects which are decided during the creation of a MicroStrategy project.

Login to MicroStrategy developer as administrator. Navigate to MicroStrategy Tutorial and expand the Schema Objects option. The following screen opens up showing the various schema objects.

Schema Objects

Following are the various Schema Objects with their description.

  • Facts − They are the numeric values, which can be aggregated to represent the value of some business data.

  • Attributes − They represent the granularity of data in the facts table. They are generally the descriptive data from the business.

  • Hierarchies − They represent the relationship between various attribute values. They help in carrying out drill-up and drill-down analysis on the data.

  • Functions and Operators − These are the various inbuilt mathematical functions and operators available in MicroStrategy to apply calculations to the data.

  • Tables − They simply represent data in a tabular form (columns and rows).

  • Transformations − They are the data transformation features used for time-series based analysis of the data.

  • Partition Mapping − This feature is used to create a logical division of the partition of fact tables so the querying becomes more efficient.