MicroStrategy - Advanced Filters

The advanced filter feature is useful in applying filter conditions, which will otherwise involve complicated steps. In MicroStrategy desktop, we access these features after the filter is created and applied to the report.

We have the following additional options besides the check box option.

  • Slider
  • Search Box
  • Radio Button
  • Drop down

In this chapter, we will be looking at the search box option in detail.

Using Search Box

The search box option is available by choosing the already existing check box filter. Rightclick it to get the display type option as shown in the following screenshot.

AdvFilter 1

Step 1

Start writing the initial letters of the subcategory we want to filter. It automatically populates the different values from the data set. We choose some specific values by selecting them with clicks.

AdvFilter 2

Step 2

On finishing the selection, we get the result in the report as shown in the following screenshot.

AdvFilter 3