MicroStrategy - Overview

As a Business Intelligence tool with wide range of capabilities, MicroStrategy has powerful features that helps to find answers and insights in business data analysis. Following are some of the important features.

Data Discovery

This feature enables MicroStrategy to connect to any data source and blend the data from various sources. It can connect to relational sources, flat files, big data sources, social media platforms, and cloud systems to name a few.

Data Wrangling

This feature helps in data transformation and modification with an extensive set of builtin data wrangling and parsing capabilities. Business users benefit from automatic recommendations while data scientists can leverage the full breadth of wrangling capabilities. There are history scripts that remember data transformations and can be reapplied to any analysis.

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

MicroStrategy has a wide range of native analytical capabilities, with the option to easily incorporate third-party data mining and modeling tools. The Data Mining Services can be used by business users, report designers and analysts to view and build predictive reports and distribute these reports to users on any device.

Library of Analytics Functions

It has an extensive library of over 300 OLAP, mathematical, financial, and data mining functions, which can be used to better understand the relationships between data, create business metrics and top-level KPIs, or build advanced statistical analyses.

Extensible Visualization Library

It has out-of-the-box grids, graphs, and in-built data visualizations tools. It also allows addition of hundreds of open-source visualizations available from D3 or other providers with built-in tools that help with the integration process. It also has a visualization builder and SK to code a new visualization from scratch.

Real-time Dashboards

You can build dashboards that can source live data to provide real-time monitoring of the most current information. With scheduled updates that have controllable intervals, users can be guaranteed of the latest data.

Embedded BI

MicroStrategy comes with several out-of-the-box development-ready portlets that require no additional coding. These portlets allow organizations to seamlessly embed MicroStrategy functionality with IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, and SAP NetWeaver, among others. A portal integration kit includes sample code and documentation for integrating MicroStrategy Web with other enterprise portals.

Mobile Platform

The existing visualizations, reports, and dashboards are instantly available in mobile platforms, once they are created.