MicroStrategy - Rollup

Rollup is the process of moving up in the hierarchy of dimensions in a given data set. As we move up, the values of the measure become less granular and more summarized. It is the opposite of drilldown. For example, in the hierarchy of Area → region → country, we move from an area to a country and finally the values get summarized at the country level. This process is called Rollup.


In the dataset named All_Sales, let’s consider the following dimensions for a rollup.

  • Product Line
  • category
  • Subcategory

Step 1

Create a visualization with all the three dimensions mentioned above and sales as the measure value.

Rollup Input Data

Step 2

Let’s remove the dimension subcategory from the above visualization. Now, the result shows the summary at the Category level. To remove, right-click and choose remove from the options.

Rollup Remove Subcat

Step 3

The result now shows sales value at the category level.

Rollup Output