Bootstrap Labels


This chapter covers Bootstrap labels. Labels are great for offering counts, tips, or other markup for pages. Use class .label to display labels as shown in the following example:

<h1>Example Heading <span class="label label-default">Label</span></h1>
<h2>Example Heading <span class="label label-default">Label</span></h2>
<h3>Example Heading <span class="label label-default">Label</span></h3>
<h4>Example Heading <span class="label label-default">Label</span></h4>
Labels Demo

You can modify the appearance of the labels using the modifier classes such as, label-default, label-primary, label-success, label-info, label-warning, label-danger as shown in the following example:

<span class="label label-default">Default Label</span>
<span class="label label-primary">Primary Label</span>
<span class="label label-success">Success Label</span>
<span class="label label-info">Info Label</span>
<span class="label label-warning">Warning Label</span>
<span class="label label-danger">Danger Label</span>
Labels Variation Demo