Bootstrap - Headers Demo

What is a header?

A header refers to the top section of a website, containing elements like the site's logo, navigation menu, and other relevant information. The header is an essential part of a website's layout.

The <header> tag is an HTML element that defines a header section for the webpage. It is commonly placed at the top of the page.

Some of the examples of the headers are as follows.

Example Description Download link
Simple header This example shows a simple header section with a logo and a title along with a navigation menu. Download
Header at center This example shows a header section at center position. Download
Header with buttons This example shows a header containing login and logout buttons on the right. Download
Dark header This example shows dark header structure. Download
Header with dropdown menu This example shows a header with a user dropdown menu on the right. Download
Header with textbox This example shows header with dropdown menu and textbox. Download
Double header This example shows a double header that includes a website logo, text, and search input field. Download
Double header with icons This example shows a double header layout with icons. Download
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