Bootstrap - Breadcrumbs Demo

What is a breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumb is a navigation component used to display the hierarchical path of the current page within the website's structure.

Bootstrap provides built-in CSS classes that can be used to create a breadcrumbs navigation component.

  • .breadcrumb - This class is used to style and structure the breadcrumb component.

  • .breadcrumb-item - This class constructs the breadcrumb trail. Each breadcrumb item represents a step in the navigation hierarchy.

Some of the examples of the breadcrumbs are as follows.

Example Description Download link
Basic breadcrumbs This example shows a basic breadcrumb navigation bar with clickable links. Download
Breadcrumbs with chevron This example demonstrates a breadcrumb-chevron. A chevron is a V-shaped symbol (>) commonly used as an indicator to show direction. Download
Breadcrumbs with links and icons This example shows a breadcrumb navigation with links and Bootstrap icons. Download
Custom breadcrumbs This example shows a custom breadcrumbs using CSS styles. Download
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