Workflow and Business Process Engine

With the use of SAP Hybris Workflow, companies can define standardized processes, which run automatically, when required. The Workflow Module can be easily integrated with the Hybris platform. It ensures efficient management of standardized processes in the backend and hence efficient teamwork along with clear task assignment.

Users can easily define standardized process and use of commented feature makes teamwork more efficient. Workflow allows user to trigger predefined workflows for complex processes or adhoc workflows for one single task.

SAP Hybris Workflow

Following are the benefits that can be achieved using a Workflow −

  • By using workflow integrated with other Hybris tools, you can handle processes more efficiently with a standardized method.

  • With the use of workflow, complex processes can be easily managed by defining tasks and corresponding actions.

  • Workflow allows you to create templates as per the requirement.

  • Comment functionality provides efficient teamwork.

  • Workflow supports real time notifications to the user’s inbox.


By using Hybris Workflow & Collaboration Module, it is easy for users to easily define workflows and view the workflow status.

Key Features of Hybris Workflow

  • Workflow module can be easily implemented on the Hybris platform and you can integrate it with the Hybris product cockpit.

  • With the use of a Hybris Product Cockpit, users can easily access all workflow entries.

  • SAP Hybris provides predefined and adhoc workflows.

  • It is also possible to trigger the workflow using cron-jobs in the Hybris platform.

  • Hybris platform provides flexibility to create workflow templates.

  • Users can design human and system based workflows Sequential, Parallel or Task-Dependent Workflow Execution.

  • Workflow provides real-time notification via e-Mail to users.

  • It is also possible to provide user access only relevant to-do’s in the workflow list.

The following illustration shows commenting facility in Workflow on Hybris platform −

Hybris Workflow

How to create a Workflow Rule?

To create a new workflow rule, we should follow the subsequent steps. Navigate to the Worklist and click on the ‘New’ button from the workflow rules worklist.

You have to enter the general information −

  • Mention the Description to identify the rule in the worklist.

  • Next is to select the Business Object – such as opportunity or ticket, to which the rule is to be applied.

  • The next step is to select the Timing for applying the rule – you can select from the three following timing types to apply to your rule.

    • On Create Only

    • On Every Save

    • Scheduled

When timing is left blank, the default On Every Save will be automatically applied.

New Rule