SAP Hybris - Catalog Management

Using Catalog management, organizations can distribute product content in specific catalogs to target specific audience. Catalog defines a way to segment stored products for efficient and effective management and to target specific audiences.

A Product Catalog is defined as part of content segment to provide the details of product categories and product information in the store. SAP Hybris Platform includes two types of catalogs: Product and Content.


A content catalog refers to pages of website where the distribution of product is done. In simple terms, a catalog is defined as the container of products. Following are the key advantages that can be achieved using the Catalog and the Content Management feature of Hybris −

  • With the use of Catalog management, companies can achieve improved marketing effectiveness by managing, structuring, and displaying product content.

  • With the use of catalog, an organization can import product content from different sources, organizing it hierarchically and assigning attributes.

  • With the use of Catalog management, companies can drive sales by distributing product content to specific audiences.

In the following image, you can see Catalog management where products are divided into specific categories. With the use of the Catalog Module, companies can manage structuring of products and product information. On the right hand side, you can see the Product attributes that specify properties of products in the Product Catalog.

Catalog Management