SAP Hybris - Promotions

The SAP Hybris Promotion Module is used to increase sales and to integrate with online stores to win new customers. By using this module, business users can create new flexible, dynamic promotions without needing any expertise. This promotion module provides various predefined promotion templates and promotion rule builders to define a set of conditions.

Following are the key components of the SAP Hybris Promotion Module −

  • Promotion Templates
  • Promotion Rule Builder
  • Priority Order
  • Promotion Contextual Messages
  • Coupon codes generation and management

Let us discuss each of these in detail.

Promotion Templates

The Hybris Promotion Module provides inbuilt different promotion templates that can be used by an organization to boost their sale. Promotion modules comes with customizable sample promotions, which cover the most common promotion requirements that are suitable for B2C and B2B e-commerce businesses.

Promotion Rule Builder

Using the Promotion Rule Builder, business users can apply a different set of conditions and actions. This can be used to create different complex promotions as per different scenarios.

Promotion Rule Builder

In the above image, you can see a graphical user interface of the Promotion Rule Builder. In the central pane, business users can drag different conditions and define actions for each condition. On the right hand side, you can see the available conditions to be added to the Promotion rules.

Priority Builder

This option can be used to define order of execution for different promotion rules. When multiple promotions are applied on the same set of product, business users can use priority builder to define order in which promotions will be executed.

Promotion Contextual Messages

The SAP Hybris Promotion Module provides contextual messages to customers that can be configured to display messages to the customer – like products qualified as per the promotion rules and corresponding actions for those promotions.

Coupon Code Generation and Management

With the use of SAP Hybris Promotion Module, business users can generate auto-generated or manual coupon. By using the Promotion Builder, these coupons can be distributed to customers for redemption in different promotions.