SAP Hybris - Accelerators Concept

SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator provides organizations with ready-to-use Omni-channel commerce solutions with storefront templates and business tools that allows organization to create an exceptional customer experience.

When a new project is started, it includes everything working ready for you to rebrand and customize as needed. SAP Hybris Accelerator is designed to provide the platform and architecture of SAP Hybris Commerce that helps in reducing cost of ownership and speeds up the implementation process.

SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator

The SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator is available for B2B, B2C, Financial services and other marketing types. Whereas, the sites are available with market specific capabilities and expected features for each market type.

Following are the key advantages of using a SAP Hybris Accelerator concept −

  • By using an Accelerator, companies get an integrated, truly Omni-channel solution from the starting day of project implementation.

  • By using an Accelerator, you can have a solid infrastructure to scale out the business requirement.

  • It reduces the implementation cost and time by providing platform for different device types.

  • Ease to use tools for building and maintaining a feature-rich shopping experience.

The following illustration shows the layered architecture of a SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator.

Commerce Accelerator
  • The top layer includes – HMC, Web Services and Cockpits, which define objects that end user uses to interact with applications. Various user actions can be performed like adding a product to the cart, edit quantity in shopping carts and manage user profiles.

  • Hybris Service Layer Framework is responsible to implement Java Application Programmer’s Interface for objects in the Hybris Commerce Suite.

  • The Type layer defines business object models, which are generated based on types.

  • The Persistence Layer is responsible for abstraction from database, caching and clustering.

  • The Database layer is used to store the data contained in a Hybris Commerce suite.

Other important components include −


This is one of the key component in the top layer in Hybris. Products are maintained in the product cockpit if there is a requirement to update the description, then it can be done using the product cockpit without making a change to the code. It also has the CMS cockpit that allows marketing content to be updated without any dependence on the IT team.

HMC or BackOffice

HMC or Backoffice provides a single user interface to manage any kind of data. It can be used to access stores, sites, products, users, companies, and catalogs.

The following screenshots displays the Hybris B2C Accelerator that contains storefront templates and business tools based on best practices, which are designed to speed up the implementation and to reduce cost and implementation time.


B2C Accelerator