SAP Hybris - Order Management Overview

When customers log into an e-commerce site, it is expected to provide quick delivery, easy returns and other flexible options, while placing an order. The SAP Hybris Order Management module provides an easy way to e-commerce companies that allow customers to build, view and return orders using a centralized system with complete flexibility.

With SAP Hybris Order Management module, customers experience an exceptional ordering experience, flexible pickup and order fulfillment options for all the channels.

Omni Channel Order Management

Order Management Module

The SAP Hybris product site covers the following features under the Order Management Module −

  • Customers can choose to collect their purchases in store or have them delivered, with the same flexibility for returns.

  • Shows stock availability across all channels in real time, so the customers will not be disappointed.

  • An intuitive user interface makes it easy for business users to manage the fulfillment process.

  • Gain a single view of inventory across your entire organization and optimize stock, sourcing and allocation rules.

Key Features

SAP Hybris Order Management module helps an organization to streamline your order processes across all the channels. E-commerce companies can fetch all the details related to demand, inventory and order supply using a single interface. Hybris Order Management cockpit is one of the key features under the Hybris Order Management module that helps organizations to manage stocks easily using one interface each of inventory and supply management.

The following screenshot describes the Order Management cockpit that provides all the details related to Orders, Inventory, Supply and Imports.

Order Management Cockpit

Different search options are available under each category, where users can search for all the orders – for Delivery, pickup or list of all orders available in the Order Management System.

Business users can select any of the order in the search list and check further details in Order Management cockpit.


Order Management Service

SAP Hybris Commerce Order Management service solution allows a company to streamline their order process across all channels. We have already covered all the key points related to Hybris Order Management service in the previous chapter. Using Hybris Order Management Service solution, companies can view demand, inventory and supply globally using the Order Management cockpit.

Order Management Service