SAP Hybris - Payment Options

In today’s market, it is required that companies provide the customers with an easy to pay options, when their order is ready. If the payment method is complex in nature, the customers will not come back and companies can lose their potential buyers.

The SAP Hybris Payment Module provides an easy to use and integrated payment method of their choice to the customers. Following are the key features of the Hybris Payment Module −

  • Remove payment complexity and allow the customers to connect to multiple PSP’s.

  • It provides the customers with multiple payment options and easy integration into the Hybris system.

  • Provides a secure payment gateway between e-Commerce site, customer and payment processing channel.

  • Centralized processing of all the payment channels.

Using the SAP Hybris Payment Module, you can create PSP adapters to integrate external Payment systems into the Hybris E-Commerce platform. The Hybris Payment Module allows the customer to connect to any payment method and to use its features and capabilities. Using the Payment Module, customers can use any secure payment transfers to place orders on e-commerce websites like Credit Cards – Visa and Master cards and other card types as well.

By using a Payment Service Provider that is an embedded feature provided by the Hybris System, users can make payment without redirecting to external payment gateways.

Following are the key benefits that can be achieved by using the SAP Hybris Payment Module −

  • Hybris PSP’s allows customers to make payments easily, hence making the payment process much simpler and reducing the cost by allowing connection to commonly used Payment Service Providers.

  • By using flexible payment options, the payment process is simplified and the customer can select from the payment method that best suits their requirement.

Payment Types
  • Using the Hybris Payment Module, customers can immediately authenticate payments using the payment validation method on the website. Payments are more secure and it does not involve any redirection to external PSP’s.

  • Hybris Payment Module provides a centralized mechanism for the payment processing for multiple channels.

  • By using the centralized single payment system, e-commerce websites can increase their sales and hence their net profit is higher.

Secure Checkout

In the following screenshot, you can see an example of an integrated Hybris Payment Module, where the payment is made using a Payment Service Provider (PSP).

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