SAP Hybris - Product Family

Hybris is an ecommerce product platform that is used to address a family of products involving Customer Experience and Management. Hybris is not a single product like SAP ERP or SAP BW system, rather it is a group of products to provide end to end customer engagement experience.

SAP Hybris is also different from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, which is a cloud based CRM application that has been recently renamed by SAP as SAP Hybris C4C solution. Hybris offers product for Commerce, Billing or Revenue, Sales, Service and Marketing and SAP Hybris Marketing is completely different from the Hybris Commerce.

The SAP Hybris Product family contains the following distinct products named as −

  • Hybris Commerce
  • Hybris Revenue or Billing
  • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Sales
  • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Service
  • Hybris Marketing

The Hybris product family can be integrated with other backend solutions from SAP like SAP ERP and SAP CRM to achieve end-to-end customer engagement experience. Here, we have mentioned five products. However, in reality there are only four products as product for Sales and Product for Service are a part of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution.

The following image shows the SAP Hybris Product Family −

Product Family

SAP Hybris Products for Commerce

With SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, companies can meet those expectations and deliver great experiences that gain their loyalty. SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud can help companies to understand their customers at every point of the commerce experience, so they can drive relevant, meaningful interactions, from content creation to merchandising to fulfillment.

Hybris products for E-Commerce includes B2B and B2C commerce applications like Product Content Management (PCM), Search and Merchandising and Order Management. Hybris commerce provides all the features that an organization can expect from an E-Commerce application.

The Hybris product site covers the following capabilities of SAP Hybris Product for e-Commerce −

  • B2C Commerce
  • B2B Commerce
  • Product Content and Catalog Management
  • Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Creating Contextual Experiences

SAP Hybris Revenue/Billing

This solution provides Revenue management, highly automated billing and invoicing solution. Using SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud, you can deliver Price and Quote, Order Management and Subscription Billing experiences directly from the cloud.

It provides more flexibility to work in a complex partner ecosystem. Following is the product link from the Hybris site −

The following capabilities are covered in SAP Hybris Cloud for Revenue −

  • Revenue in cloud
  • Subscription Order Management
  • Responsive Quality Control
  • Agile Charging
  • Invoicing
  • Versatile Document Management
  • Customer Financial Management
  • Consolidated Billing
Revenue Billing

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Sales

This solution is used to fetch data from the on premise backend-system and provide it to the front-end sales team. The Sales team can access data on a mobile device and this provides information they need to know, who the target customers are, any issues in sales process and how to covert each opportunity to a sale.

The following capabilities are covered in the SAP C4C Sales solution −

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Retail Execution

Customer for Sales

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Service

This solution helps an organization to deliver an excellence customer service experience to its customers. Following capabilities are available in SAP C4C for Service solution −

  • Comprehensive Self-Service
  • Omni-Channel Call Center
  • Proactive Field Service

The link to the Hybris product site is as follows −

Customer for Service

SAP Hybris Marketing

SAP Hybris Marketing solutions help the organization to understand its customer choices in real time and help them to maintain customer profiles from the data gathered from different sources. Old time CRM Marketing was not providing data in real time, however SAP Hybris Marketing is providing the most cutting edge solutions to marketers for providing personalized marketing experience as per their changing needs.

The following capabilities are available in SAP C4C Marketing solution −

  • Dynamic Customer Profiling
  • Segmentation and Campaign Management
  • Commerce Marketing
  • Loyalty Management
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Marketing Lead Management
  • Customer Attribution
  • Architecture and Technology

The Hybris product site link is as follows −