SAP Hybris Tutorial

SAP Hybris Tutorial

SAP Hybris was introduced in year 1997 in Switzerland. This company was acquired by SAP S.E on 1 August 2013. The main role of SAP Hybris is to provide solutions that benefits any organization in cutting costs, saving time and reducing complexity, which further helps in having lesser focus to achieve excellent customer experience. This is a preparatory tutorial, which covers the basics of SAP Hybris and explains how to deal with its various components and sub-components.


This tutorial is prepared for those professionals, who wish to learn the essentials as well as the enhancements of SAP Hybris. It provides simple, easy to understand explanations with useful working examples. We will go through most of the SAP Hybris modules, so the professionals can also use this as a reference for their projects This tutorial is intended to make the professionals comfortable in getting started with SAP Hybris and its diverse functions.


This is a simple tutorial and the concepts explained here can be easily understood. The professionals should have a good understanding of customer management skills, sales, marketing and services. Additionally, it will be beneficial if the readers have some basic information of cloud, mobile and big data innovations. This will help the working professionals to learn the future of commerce through the SAP Hybris commerce-based platform.