SAP Hybris - Subscriptions

SAP Hybris Subscription module is developed to integrate with subscription billing system and hence provides improved customer acquisition rate and less operational overhead. The SAP Hybris Subscription module was built to provide subscription based support for different pricing and product related promotions.

By using the SAP Hybris Subscription module for e-commerce, business users can setup and manage subscription terms and conditions in the backend UI. While creating a subscription plan, users can opt from the following fields −

  • Subscription Terms and Conditions
  • Subscription Price Plans
  • Included Entitlements

The subscription terms and conditions allows the customers to select from different terms that are available for the customer. Customers can select subscription terms like – 12 months contract monthly billing, 24 months contract yearly billing, lifetime subscription plan, etc. Subscription Price plans provide customers with options to select from different plan types – Premium, Platinum, Gold, etc.

Included Entitlement option is used to mention all the services that the customer will avail as a part of the selected price plan. It includes services like – Access to Print Edition, Weekly Blogs, Monthly Newsletters, etc.


Business users can also check Subscription plan details by going to the Edit Subscription Price Plan option. It tells about the following features −

  • Price Plan Status
  • Basic
  • Charges-Recurring/One time/Usage based
  • Subscription Type, etc

In the following illustration, you can see the above options that are available under the Edit Subscription Price Plan option.

Subscription Price Plan

Following are the key advantages of the SAP Hybris Subscription plan −

  • Customers are provided with personalized pricing based on their profile with e-commerce companies.

  • Customers can opt for a combination of different subscription plans – one time or recurring or usage based as per their requirement

  • Different Price Plans are supported based on customer requirements – Premium, Platinum, Gold Package, etc.

  • Using the Subscription Billing Gateway, complex bundle of subscription charges can be processed for enrolled customers easily, by the use of secure payment methods.

  • Support integration with third party billing systems using subscription based billing.

In the next chapter, we will discuss regarding the order management overview in SAP Hybris.