SAP Hybris - Bundling

Bundling module in SAP Hybris is used to address the needs of companies that sells service bundles and digital products. SAP Hybris provides a tool for configuring, to manage and sell bundled offerings. Bundling module provides various benefits in the e-commerce model. Some of these benefits are given below −

  • Using bundling service, organizations can increase average order value and margin by bundling content and products.

  • Bundling module improves conversion rates with personalized and content-rich shopping experience to customers.

  • It helps e-commerce organizations to cross-sell physical and digital goods on one commerce platform.

  • Bundling helps an organization in managing and expanding product offerings by transforming complex products into simple, compelling selections for customers.

  • Easy to use, flexible business tool to manage complex product offerings and bundling service.

Using SAP Hybris Bundling Module, organizations can easily set up a Product Cockpit by adding physical products like gaming bundles, media packages, etc., to specific bundle categories. Companies can also apply different pricing rules on bundle categories with setting up different merchandising.


Key Features of SAP Hybris Bundling

You can achieve the following key features using a SAP Hybris Bundling concept −

  • Hybris Bundling module provides organization with bundle templates to guide selling of products using the product cockpit.

  • Bundling provides optimized shopping carts for customers in an e-commerce model.

  • Bundling service in Hybris helps in managing advanced bundle merchandising and personalization of merchandise behavior.

  • Easy management of B2C and B2B channel using flexible Bundling service.

  • Bundling service provides product merchandisers with ability to create bundles dynamically of physical and/or digital products based on predefined bundling templates and these can be available to customer suing easy to use Product cockpit.

In the next chapter, we will discuss regarding the workflow and business process engine of SAP Hybris.