SAP Hybris - Customer Service Module

The SAP Hybris Customer Service module provides an easy way to resolve customer problems quickly and deliver highly personalized customer service with improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue. When a customer logs to an e-commerce website and gets a weak customer service, it can result customers moving to other websites without completing the order.

To the retail customers, the company should provide an efficient service including call centers, chat, email and even web-enabled customer self-service. These customer service points should share correct information quickly and resolve customer queries on priority.

SAP Hybris Customer Service module provides Customer Service Agents with an easier and quicker access to information that they can use to resolve customer queries. A CSA module can also be used by agents to place a new order, modify previously placed orders, placing partial orders, make payment, cancel payment, raise return requests and even to process order refunds for customers. The CSA (customer service associate) module also assists the customers by providing an option to the CSA to manage customer profiles and their personal information in their account for e-commerce shopping.

The Customer Service module provides the following information to the customers −

  • Personal Details
  • Customer Orders
  • Customer Addresses
Personal Details

It is also possible to customize the Hybris Customer Service Module as per the business requirements and hence can change the Customer Service Experience to successful Sales platform, which results in increased revenue for the e-commerce companies.

The following screenshot describes the cart management that a CSA can provide to the customers as a part of the Customer Service module. They can perform search as per the customer requirements, add products to the shopping cart and see all the promotions and the offers that a customer can see in their account.


CSM – Key Features

Following are the key features covered using SAP Hybris Customer Service Module (CSM) −

Customer Management

Using SAP Hybris module, CSA’s can perform search for customers, can edit customer profiles and their personal information like DOB, Age, Current Address, etc.

A CSA module provides simple UI based application to create payment for customer and manage other details related to the customer orders.

Connect to Phone Devices

The system identifies the customer’s phone number and directs the CSA to the Customer Detail page.


By using the SAP Hybris Customer Service Module, it is also possible to integrate chat service with the e-commerce website for better customer management.

Self Service

Self-service has the following features −

  • The SAP Hybris CSA module allows customers to check their order status.

  • Customers can raise queries with CSA’s and manage their queries as well.

  • Better customer experience by providing features like payment refund, edit or cancel orders.

Let us understand the assisted services module of SAP Hybris in the next chapter.