SAP Hybris - C4C Project Implementation

As a part of the SAP C4C, there are various activities, which you need to perform under project implementation. We will discuss some of the key activities here.

Preparation Phase

The first step in implementation is preparing the system. This includes creating system administrator for implementation, scoping of C4C system, defining migration strategies for data from On-premise to Cloud System, etc.


As per the scope of project, fine-tuning involves performing customization in SAP ECC On-premise system to perform configuration and setup your customizing as per the project scope. It includes creating users and business roles, defining organization structure and management rules, etc.

Data Migration and Integration

Data Migration and Integration includes performing manual data migration by using the default templates based cloud system. In case of integration being in scope, then perform initial data load from On-premise source system to cloud system.


In the Test phase, you perform Unit, Regression, Data test, etc.

Go Live

Go Live work center includes activities like user enablement. SAP C4C administrator is enabled who takes care of the day-to-day operation and supports activities before it goes live. Once this is done, you can set the system to Live.

Project Implementation in SAP C4C

To implement a project in SAP C4C, follow the steps given below −

Step 1 − Go to Business Configuration work center → Implementation Project.

Implementation Project

Step 2 − Click the New tab to start implementing a new project. As a project already exists, click Edit Project Scope to see the steps in implementation.

Edit Project Scope