SAP Hybris - Personalization

With the use of advanced personalization module of SAP Hybris, companies can offer the right product to the right customers at the right time. This helps companies to raise their conversion rate. According to a survey, more than 50% of customers receive wrong products when they do shopping online.

With the use of Hybris Advance Personalization module, companies can collect customer information from different sources and provide customers with an amazing customized/personalized shopping experience, which results in increased sales and profit.

The SAP Hybris Advance Personalization is a part of the WCMS (Web Content Management System). Advanced Personalization is achieved using the BTG rules. Following are the four types of BTG rules −

  • Order Rules
  • Cart Rules
  • Customer Rules
  • Website Rules

The following personalization experience can be considered using SAP Hybris Advance Personalization −

Example 1 − Let us assume that a consumer browses a product on a multi-channel ecommerce website and adds products worth $2000 to the Cart. Now, consider a personalization scenario, where the customer gets a message, if the shopping cart value is greater than 1800$, then he can spend additional 300$ with no cost. This is one of the example of advance personalization in E-Commerce.

Exampl 2 − Another Personalization scenario is, when a customer selected a product on an e-commerce website and a pop-up message appears showing product accessories that can be added to the shopping cart along with the selected product.

Exampl 3 − Personalization example is where a customer logged into his account and a particular product line has been displayed to him on the arrival page.

Exampl 4 − Another Personalization example is where a customer has browsed a site from his/her laptop and E-Commerce site identifies customer IP address and displays a particular site page to the customer.

The following illustration shows a good example of SAP Hybris Personalization Module. It shows the buying history of the customer and the Top Recommendations with that particular product.


The following image shows how Targeting rules are created and how information is captured from different sources.

Different Sources

Targeting the rules in an Advance Personalization scenario can include the following rule types −

  • You can use different types of rules as per the different scenarios based on the order details, card type and other personalized data, which is available for the customers.

  • Advanced Personalization provides flexible individual rules to meet different scenarios.

  • Hybris Advance Personalization module provides an easy way to integrate custom rule types with Hybris e-Commerce platform.