SAP Hybris - Assisted Services Module

SAP Hybris Assisted Services Module (ASM) assists the customer during the buying process using the same storefront across the Omni-channel. The Hybris ASM module connects the customer with customer support and assists them in completing their order.

The ASM acts as an interface between SAP Hybris Commerce, SAP CRM and SAP Hybris C4C Solution and hence allowing Customer Support Agents to pick customer’s online storefronts from CRM or C4C solution.

Assisted Service Module

Using the ASM module, tickets are synchronized between SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Cloud for Customer solution. Hence, it provides an easy resolution of all the tickets. The SAP ASM also provides Customer Support Agents to take over the session from the customers to provide real time assistance and support.


The following benefits can be achieved using the SAP Assisted Service module −

  • The CSA agents can easily search for a customer’s account and session to support.

  • The support agents can assign any cart to any of the customer.

  • Support agents can also create a new customer account for any customer on his/her request.

  • Extended sale support for customers by providing assistance to add products to customer shopping carts, completing orders, etc.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the role of marketing in SAP Hybris.