SAP Hybris - Search Option

SAP Hybris Commerce Search is a powerful option in Hybris cloud to increase sales and profile for companies. If a company provides poorly organized search results, usability problems and results in loss of sales. Using Commerce search, companies can easily promote their products and product categories by driving from the Commerce Search Results. This in turn improves the customer’s shopping experience and hence improves the margin and sales for companies.

Using the Keyword Search Option

SAP Hybris also provides keyword suggestion options to help users to easily search and spell their products.

If a user wrongly spells a product, it also provides spell check to enter the right word in the search option.

  • SAP Hybris Search capability provides a free-text search option to locate a specific product and showing relevant results.

  • SAP Hybris also provides a feature in the Search Capability like – Synonyms and Stop Words to improve the search results.

  • SAP Hybris Commerce feature provides a parametric search that displays the closest match, if there is no exact match found for customer inputs.

  • SAP Hybris supports advanced search features like Collapsing, Geospatial Search, etc. .

  • SAP Hybris also supports update of search results with automatic updates through real-time synchronization.


In the following screenshot, you can see how SAP Hybris helps the customer with amazing search capabilities and helps the customer to explore content of a website with fewer mouse clicks.

Mouse Clicks