qTest - Tagging ID

The Tagging ID feature allows to link/tag objects with each other in rich text field such as Description. You can mention the names of other objects in the description that will further be converted into a link. Using this link, you will be able to navigate to the linked object.

Following are the steps to tag an ID.

Step 1 − Go to any rich text field such as Test Design → Test Suite → Description.

Step 2 − Use the syntax as @object ID;for example,@TC-1. As soon as you enter any object ID, a wild search takes place and all the matched objects are displayed. Here, you can select the object to tag as shown in the following screenshot.

Select Object Tag

Step 3 − After selection, the tagged ID will be shown as a hyperlink. Click Save to keep the changes.

Tagged Object

Step 4 − Click the tagged object hyperlink, to view the details of the linked object.