qTest - Clone a Defect

While viewing a defect, you can easily create a copy of the defect using the Clone Defect function. To clone a defect, you should have the Create and Edit Defects permission.

Following are the steps to clone a defect.

Step 1 − Open an existing defect. Go to the Defect section and enter a Query type Defect ID. Click Run Query. The result will get displayed at the bottom as shown in the following screenshot.

Query Type Defect

Step 2 − Click the Defects ID to open the details of the defect.

Step 3 − Click the Clone button. A new defect form displays with all the details is copied as shown in the following screenshot.

Clone Button

Step 4 − After clicking the Clone button, the button gets disabled and the Summary has a name as Cloned defect.

Clone Summary Name

Step 5 − Edit Details in Cloned defect. Then, click the Save button to submit the clone defect.

A new Defect ID generates with reference to the original defect id as shown in the following screenshot.

Original Defect

Consider the following points while cloning a defect −

  • Clone defect will always be in New status.
  • Only the details of the defect are copied from the original defect.
  • Linked Test Runs, Attachments, Comment, and History will not be copied.