qTest - Add Test Runs

In this chapter, we will understand how to add test runs in qTest. To execute a Test Run, you should have the Create Test Runs permission. A Test Run can be created under the Root, a Release, a cycle, or a test suite.

Following are the steps to create a Test Suite.

Step 1 − To create a new Test Cycle, there are different methods such as −

  • Go to the Test Execution tab, select the Root folder, a Release, or a test cycle; then, click the Add Test Runs icon on the toolbar as shown in the following screenshot.

Test Execution Tab
  • Press Shift + R

  • Click on the Add Test Runs button on the right side of the panel after the selection of Test Suite as shown in the following screenshot.

Add Test Runs Button

Step 2 − By using any one of the above methods, the Add Test Run wizard form opens up.

Test Run Wizard

Step 3 − Select the test cases from the Requirement/Test Design/Test Execution/Defects tab and click the Add button.

Select Test Cases

After clicking Add, the page is refreshed and the test cases get added as displayed in the following screenshot.

Displayed Test Cases

Consider the following important points while creating a Test Suite and further adding test runs −

  • Do not add duplicates test cases. A test suite will not add any duplicate test case.

  • Display test cases that have not been added. By checking it, the wizard displays only those test cases that are not added in the selected folder.